How do I ....?
Check here on to see how to put a powerpoint on the wiki.
1) Have your powerpoint done
2) Sign into your school e-mail
3) Click on documents
4) Click upload
5) Press select files to upload
6) Choose your powerpoint
7) Change private to public
8) Go back to google docs
9) Click on your powerpoint
10) Click share
11) Choose public/embed
12) Click publish document
13) Copy iframe code
14) Go to
15) Go to the page that your powerpoint is about
16) Click on widgets
17) Click on other
18) Paste the iframe code
19) Press save
20) Press save again (just in case)
21) You’re Done!!!

Check here if you need a refresher on how to edit the wiki.

When you arrive at the MJGDS Math Wiki, you are asked to enter your username and password.
Decide what page you want to work on and edit.
Then click on "Edit":
Start entering the text you want, then use the the "Editor toolbar" to format the text:
In order to insert an image:
If you want to upload an image from your computer:
If you want to create a new page:
If you want to create a link to an external website:
If you want to insert a video, a widget, a presentation, audio, etc.:
To upload a video:
  1. go to
  2. sign in with the username : "mjgdsmath" and the password that was given to you (do not publish it on the wiki)
  3. click on "Upload" button
  4. enter a title
  5. enter a description
  6. click on the drop down triangle to select a moderator. Choose Silvia Tolisano or Andrea Hernandez
  7. check that you accept the Terms and Conditions
  8. click on Select File and Begin Upload